Cleanings and Periodontal Treatment

Regular dental checkups are the easiest way to keep your life free of dental woes. Aside from keeping your smile beautiful, routine checkups are crucial for preventing serious oral health issues. Along with causing you pain in your mouth, easily preventable issues such as untreated gum inflammation and abscesses can cause health problems in other areas of your body, leading to heart disease, infections, and loss of bone mass.

Catching these problems early can save you both in unnecessary pain and money, and are the easiest way to catch issues while they are still easily treatable. We recommend 2 annual checkups for adults and children. If you have periodontal disease then visiting the dentist every three months is advised.

What Happens During My First Checkup?

During your first checkup, your dentist and hygienist will examine your teeth and gums, and then make a treatment recommendation. If you have healthy gums we can give you a cleaning on your first visit, removing hardened plaque and polishing your teeth. If you have periodontal disease, you will need to have gum therapy done so as to better take care of your mouth.

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